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The Lafoy family of Lyon, France have been involved with wallpaper from that time until the present. In 1938 Henry Lafoy founded a wallpaper business which was titled Consortium du Papier Peint. This company pioneered many developments in wallpaper, the most important of which was truly permanent printing or inalterable wallpaper. The name of the company became Inaltera S.A. (inalterable).

Henry introduced héliogravure (rotogravure) printing and paper backed vinyl to wallpaper. Inaltera produced surface print, hand flock, rotogravure, handprint, transfer print and many different types of textile wallcoverings. They also produced an ancient product based on casein (milk) inks.

In 1976 Inaltera S.A. created a subsidiary in New York City called Inaltera Wallcoverings Inc. This company imported the prestigious wallcoverings from France. Growth was strong as the quality products with an avante garde tendency gained international recognition. There were many famous installations of our products, including the White House and numerous stars.

Through mergers and acquisitions the fortunes of Inaltera SA changed. In 1985, the current management of the US Company bought the shares from the French parent and changed the name to Wallquest Inc.

Wallquest has since evolved into one of the most prestigious names in the wallcovering industry. Known for our commitment to design, product innovation and printing excellence, we maintain the link to the tradition of designing and manufacturing wallcoverings.

President and Owner , john Collins


The creativity of our in-house design studio is central to our success. The collaborative process leads to the most innovative and inspiring wallcoverings in the market today.



A mix of new technology and the skill of the human hand.

Our Gravure machines run 24/7. We use environmentally-friendly water-based inks. Each gravure cylinder is etched to produce and achieve the finest printing quality. Ten cylinder stations allow us to produce unlimited colors and designs.


In our commercial wallcovering range, we offer a wealth of design options for the interior design and architectural markets.

We print 54-inch-wide commercial vinyl that is beautiful and durable. Designs range from large-scale contemporary and today’s traditional, to small-scale textures and metallic sheens. Produced in a beautiful array of colors, we offer extensive choices for your next commercial project.


Our rotary screen print capabilities are endless.

Starting with confident designs, we mix opaque and metallic inks, add special effects that sparkle, textures you can touch and feel, and color combinations that are truly beautiful. Each ink is mixed by hand, sampled on flat bed screens, tweaked and adjusted until it’s perfect. Our team of our experienced printers meet the challenge of producing these high-end specialty wallpapers.


Wallquest takes an environmentally friendly approach toward wallpaper production. Our wallpaper collections are printed on paper from well-managed, renewable forests or recycled sources, using water-based inks. No excess ink or waste water is released into the public water system during the production process. All residual water and ink is thoroughly filtered by a third-party firm before it is returned to the environment.


Our products are widely distributed throughout the world. Wallquest offers direct distribution to designers, showrooms and retailers throughout the United States and United Kingdom.